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Slip-On Line Titanium Exhaust System with Quad Rear Exit (M-BM/T/8H-T) by Akrapovic®. With Tips. Exhaust Tubing Material: Titanium. Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / Loud. The Akrapovic Slip-On Line system is the first step in exhaust tuning. Crafted from high-grade titanium, which considerably reduces the weight in comparison to the stock system, it has been perfectly designed to fit directly onto the existing link pipes. The system increases power, provides better throttle response, and improves torque. The Slip-On Line system has four valves, designed for the first pair to operate in four-cylinder mode and the second set to come into action according to the driver's specifications. The system is developed to be compatible with the car's drive mode selector.

Remember to check your local or state laws regarding vehicle noise restrictions
ECE Type Approval
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Exhaust Tubing Material: Titanium
Exit Location: Quad Rear
Exhaust System Sound: Aggressive / Loud
Tip Finish: Polished
Tip Material: Titanium
Max Power Stock: 381.2 (HP Imperial) / 386.5 (HP Metric) / 284.3 (kW) / 5500 (Rpm)
Max Power Akrapovic: 389.1 (HP Imperial) / 394.5 (HP Metric) / 290.2 (kW) / 6050 (Rpm)
Max Power Increase: 9.2 (HP Imperial) / 9.3 (HP Metric) / 6.8 (kW) / 6150 (Rpm)
Max Torque Stock: 412.1 (Lb-Ft) / 558.8 (Nm) / 2500 (Rpm)
Max Torque Akrapovic: 416 (Lb-Ft) / 564 (Nm) / 2600 (Rpm)
Max Torque Increase: 6.5 (Lb-Ft) / 8.8 (Nm) / 4300 (Rpm)
Weight Stock: 47.8 (Lb) / 21.7 (Kg)
Weight Akrapovic: 36.2 (Lb) / 16.4 (Kg)
Weight Decrease: 11.6 (Lb) / 5.3 (Kg) / 24.4 (%)
Installation Time: 180 (min)
Designed to handle the rigors of high-performance engines
Built to provide better resonate sound and faster acceleration
Made from premium materials for long-lasting performance
Carefully constructed by a team of skilled engineers

(1) Akrapovic DELETE-R opc. (Part Number P-DEL5)
(1) Delete-R fitting kit (Part Number P-HF854)
(1) Evolution link pipe set (Part Number E-BM/T/3)
(1) Adapter (Part Number P-F66)
(1) Ceramic paste (Part Number P-HF33)
(1) Copper paste (Part Number P-HF113)
(1) Downpipe L SS (Part Number DP-BM/SS/3/L)
(1) Downpipe R SS (Part Number DP-BM/SS/3/R)
(1) Rear carbon diffuser (Part Number DI-BM/CA/1)
(1) Screw sealant (Part Number P-LT1)
(1) Slip-on system (Part Number M-BM/T/8H)
(1) Tail pipe set CA (Part Number TP-CT/26)
(1) Tail pipe set TI (Part Number TP-T/S/8)
(2) Bolt (Part Number P-FB96)
(2) Clamp SS (Part Number P-R68)
(2) Clamp SS (Part Number P-R69)
(2) Clamp SS (Part Number P-R75)
(2) Nut (Part Number P-FN12)
(2) Nut (Part Number P-FN9)
(2) Outer bushe SS (Part Number P-CP020)
(2) Spacer bushe PVC (Part Number P-DR93)
(2) Washer SS (Part Number P-DR4)
(4) Clamp SS (Part Number P-R102)
(4) Tail pipe CA (Part Number TP-CT/26/1)
(4) Tail pipe TI (Part Number TP-T/S/8/1)
(6) Bolt (Part Number P-FB97)